Permanent makeup

Perfect | natural | subtle

The lips

The Lip-Blush technique is a technique that results in a diaphanous and translucent coloring effect. It can be accomplished with any pigment color. The lip contour will be delicately defined to restore precision and the internal coloring will be sheer with a gradual gradient.

The gradient fill technique results in a more saturated effect. This technique can be performed with any pigment color. The lip contour will be well defined to restore precision and correct any asymmetries or lack of volume. Then the color will gradually fade inwards.


The hair by hair technique can be used with the microblading tool, but it gives even more spectacular and long-lasting results by means of an electric device equipped with an ultra-fine needle. The use of such a device also makes it possible to less traumatize the skin and to offer a more comfortable treatment.

The hairs form the skeleton of the eyebrow. You can choose an ultra-light result by opting for hair by hair only. However, adding a light shade, such as a veil with a powdered effect, especially at the level of the arch, will increase the illusion of depth and realism, without overloading or giving an overly intense effect.

Alopecia is a medical condition that has as a symptom the loss of all hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. Not only does it affect health but can also have an effect on self-confidence. Permanent eyebrow makeup can help you feel better about yourself. Finding the appearance of our face before gives us a semblance of normality. The skin of people with alopecia can be dry and sensitive. The use of specific techniques and good quality equipment makes it possible to perform eyebrow tattooing without traumatizing the skin. Be sure to do thorough research to choose a qualified technician.

The eyes

The top eyeliner highlights the shape of the eyes and, contrary to popular belief, diminishes the appearance of droopy eyelids. The tail can be more or less elongated, and the feature more or less broad, depending on the shape of the eyes. The eyeliner can be executed in black, or in a softer color.

Full eyeliner is drawn on the upper and lower eyelid. Although often executed with black pigment, it can also be traced with softer colors with black only in the lash line. Very beautiful and stylized, this eyeliner gives a more intense air to the look and helps to give the appearance of larger eyes.

Permanent makeup eyeliner is a sometimes scary procedure, due to the proximity of the eyes. Have no fear, there is no danger. On the contrary, it is the pencils and headlights that we apply to it daily that can be rather harmful.