For 100% natural beauty

Discover our brand new unique Treatment service in the region: a revolutionary solution for smoother, firmer and toned skin. This advanced technology uses mechanical massage techniques to deeply stimulate skin tissue, promoting visible and long-lasting results. Come and discover for yourself the benefits of the Treatment and let our expertise guide you towards a remarkable aesthetic transformation. Reveal your true potential and regain unwavering confidence in your natural beauty.

All the benefits of treatment

Treatment sessions are pleasant, relaxing, and painless, lasting approximately 30 minutes per area treated or 40 minutes for the whole body. The results can be visible from the first 3 sessions, with a gradual improvement in the texture of the skin, a reduction in cellulite and an overall firming. The treatment awakens cellular stimulation to allow fibroblasts (cells of youth) to relaunch their production of collagen (firmness), elastin (suppleness) and hyaluronic acid (volume & hydration) naturally present in your skin. To obtain optimal results, a series of regular sessions is recommended, i.e., a cure of 10 sessions at the rate of two per week. The results are quickly observed.

Results without scalpel!

  • Fill wrinkles and reduce dark circles/puffiness under the eyes
  • Firm and shape the oval of the face and slim the double chin
  • Tones the bust and firms the décolleté
  • Brighten the complexion, detox and radiance boost
  • Offer a natural lifting effect
  • Reduction of scars

Procedure for your first session

The most important step during your first session is to have a consultation in order to clearly determine your needs, your expectations and to take stock of your health. Face or body, every detail counts and we must take care of it by analyzing your balance sheet, your current state of health, an analysis of your skin and your goals in terms of improvement. Thereafter, we can begin the treatment adapted to his specific needs, a photo shoot before and after, evaluation and follow-up to ensure the smooth running of the treatment.

Weight loss with  

All those in a weight loss program, you will notice that the treatment is the best of your allies. You will see and get a faster result. stimulates weight loss and tones the skin. It considerably reduces the effects of slackening, loss of tone, elasticity, firmness of the skin. For you who are planning bariatric surgery, know that rapid weight loss drastically affects skin tone.

To witness it myself, and with supporting photos, I speak to you from experience, and I share with you my story and my encounter with .

It was in 2018, after receiving bariatric surgery, that I saw a contest to win a 10-session cure for body treatments with , without expectation or knowledge, but so grateful for the results. Know that I lost more than 110 lbs within 5 months and I kept the firmness of my skin. This is how I was introduced to . Today, I am still so satisfied with my results as well as the desire to share these benefits with other people who have either suffered weight loss or the moment when age and gravity want to take notoriety on us. I am here to listen to what annoys you and to offer you a treatment plan so that together we achieve the desired results. We have the right to prioritize ourselves and to offer ourselves what it takes to feel good in our body with our body.